Pandit for Griha Pravesh in Bangalore


If you require Pandit for Griha Pravesh in Bangalore or rather Pandit for Gruhapravesham in Bangalore. I have deep and extensive knowledge of Karma Kand (vedic religious), Astrology, Vedas, Puranas, Srimad Bhagwat Gita, Ramayana and Upanishads & all Vedic Scriptures. I have an overall experience of 14 years performing North Indian & South Indian Puja, and I am an hindi speaking pandit in Bangalore. You can read more about Bengali Purohit here.

Griha Pravesh in Bangalore or House Warming ceremony is a very vital aspect of Hinduism and should be performed strictly before shifting into a new house, be it owned, renovated or rented. It is believed that dwelling places have influence of unseen negativities on them and to remove these negative vibes and energy, house-warming ceremony or Griha Pravesh is very important. Conducting these rituals protect all the family members who are about to live in that house and fetches good luck as well. Main reason behind performing Griha Pravesh is to gain health, wealth, harmony, prosperity, and luck for all the people of the family. Home is the best, safest, and most comfortable place for one and all. It is our heaven and hence, the need to perform Graha Pravesh increases.

Pandit for Griha Pravesh in Bangalore – What all Pujas I perform

Vastu Puja: Vastu puja is conducted outside the house before the entry into the house. It is performed to satisfy Vastu Devata. For performing this puja, firstly water, ‘Navadhanya’ (nine kinds of grains) and a one rupee coin are required

pandit for griha pravesh in bangalore

Vastu Shanti: Vastu Shanti, also known as Griha Shanti, involves a Havan or Homa. A havan is performed to create a peaceful environment and to keep away all the negative forces and to prevent harmful influences of the planets. It is said that the various herbal and medicinal ingredients in the smoke from Havan purify and cleanse the air of the house. This is done along with chanting of the Rakshoghna Mantra and the Pavamana Mantra.